The 'Rachel' bag, it's a thing and we like it

 Like with most trends if you'd told us a couple of years ago we would be coveting a baguette-style 90s shoulder bag, one that recalls the imitation Vuitton one we wore tightly clutched under our armpit circa 2000 we wouldn't have believed you but with Fendi's continued championing of their classic 'Baguette' now comes By Far's 'Rachel' bag. You guessed it its names after Rachel Green from friends and is just the simple classic shoulder bag you can just imagine Rachel sporting.

This style will not only add a hefty dose of 90s minimalism to your wardrobe but is practical too fitting more than just your phone and card - even a wallet too!

Shop our favourites here and when shopping please remember 'what would Rachel do?'


'Rachel' bag £285, By Far

Baguette, £1410, Fendi

Vintage Dior bag, £132, Vestiaire Collective

Vintage Gucci bag, £203, Vestiaire Collective

Leopard bag, £25, Topshop