All I Want for Christmas by Anna Vitiello



My Christmas wish lists used to be all over the place - clothes, prints, bed sheets, puppies (which actually came true 5 years ago) - but I've learned that there are certain things that are easier to ask for, and for your loved ones to get right (so long as they don't stray from the details.) Jewellery is particularly emotive and I love associating each piece with someone dear to me - even if I chose it. Then there's cosmetics and interiors: if you're prescriptive, it works to your advantage. In all honesty, I buy much less and much less often these days, so this year, my wish list is a compilation of pieces I've been thinking of splurging on for some time. Let's just hope Santa's reading.

I’ve always loved the subtle masculinity of a modern signet ring, and Anissa Kermiche’s is, for me, the ring of all rings. What’s more, it goes with all my everyday jewellery: a collection of gold and cameo. Surely Santa knows it makes sense?

Ring, £1325, Anissa Kermiche


I’m often asked why I wear so many gold necklaces, and it’s because they all mean something to me, specifically my late grandmother’s necklaces and my Neapolitan sun. This Mini Saints necklace reminds me of all the trinkets to be found in my grandparents’ house in Naples and I love the nostalgia of that.

Mini Saints Necklace, £827, Miansai

Every year, I obsess over finding wearable but unique ankle boots and every year, Winter goes by without me finding

Boots, £600, Neous

I need a new mirror and although this might not be to most people’s liking, I like how tongue-in-cheek it is, as though you couldn’t decide between a print or a mirror.

Mirror, £199, Seletti wears Toiletpaper

I’m a creature of habit, so when I find something I love, I stick with it. I’ve been sticking with this mud since I was a teenager, when my Aunty introduced me to the art of mud-masking, and it will be an ideal Boxing Day Treat in front of a classic Christmas film.

Mud Mask, £38, Borghese at Liberty