All I want for Christmas by Charlie Teasdale

What to buy the man who has everything? Or just what to buy the man full stop? It's a tricky one come Christmas time. No need to fret ladies, we'vee picked the brains of the always well-dressed Deputy Style editor of Esquire, Charlie Teasdale, on what he's hoping will be under his tree this Christmas...


1.Heshchung Chukka Boots

Nearly picked a pair of trainers here (adidas Originals Bermuda in grey suede, if you’re interested), but it’s winter, so I went for boots. Heschung’s chukkas have a thick rubber sole to deal with the elements, and they don’t run too far up the leg.
£320 Heshchung Chukka Boots

2. Seiko Prospex First Diver’s Watch

A slightly updated reissue of Seiko’s first ever diver (from 1966), it’s really simple, reliable and pretty, just like me.
£3750 Seiko Prospex First Diver's watch

3. Patagonia Black Hole Bag

I tend to value function over form, and whenever I see people picking up Patagonia at baggage claim it always looks tougher, cooler and more useful than the case I’m waiting for.

£150 Patagonia Black Hole Bag

4. Ami Corduroy Cap

If I could only have clothes from one brand then Ami would be one up there as an option. It treads the line between street wear and elevated basics (there’s a line there, honest), and everything is so well made and easy to wear.

£80 Ami Corduroy Cap at Mr Porter

5. Drake’s Tile Print Tie

I don’t wear them often, but I love a good tie and Drake’s make the best. I could of picked anything really, but I thought I’d go printed and Seventies-y, because that all anyone can talk about right now.

£135 Drake's tile print tie