Because we wish we had our Christmas shopping (literally) wrapped up by mid November but really we've only scraped it together by Christmas eve - we bring you the first of our four part epic Christmas gift guide. To hopefully give you encouragement as you shop and inspire those christmasy purchases and wishes! Because we don't care what any one says, accessories make the best (and easiest) gifts!

If she... likes scouring Instagram for new art to love

Art doesn't have to be just on the wall ok?


1. Cushion, £45, Host Home, 2. Warhol, £650, Trouva, 3. Lampshade, £70, Frances Costello at Liberty, 4. Plate, £400, Luke Edward Hall at Liberty, 5. Earrings, £280, Ejing Zhang, 6. Crackers, £56 Matilda Goad x Tart

If she likes...her heels high and her earrings sparkly 

When a Christmas bauble just isn't enough sparkle 

Anna wears: headband, $170, Lele Sadoughi, Jacket, £59, Topshop, Skirt, £31.20 Tosphop, shoes (in hands) £815, Manolo Blahnik, White bag with metal clasp, £685, Steé, Studded mini peekaboo bag, £2790, Fendi, Blue and black shoulder bag, £2170, Prada 


If she...prefers a million snazzy stocking fillers

Sometimes a lady needs to be showered with gifts (under £50!)

1.Ring,about £39, Gimaguas, 2. Exposure by Olivia Sudjic, £4.40, Amazon 3. Phone case, £40, Edie Parker, 4. Silk eye Mask, £45, Slip 5. Alphabet pot, £40, Bridie Hall at Liberty, 6. Sunglasses, £40, Le Specs