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Anna on How She Updates her Winter Wardrobe with William & Son

All images by Moeez Ali

There’s something about Christmas in London that makes it more special than most cities. Perhaps it’s the bustling museums, full to the brim of excitable tourists exploring the latest exhibitions; or the fairytale ice rinks at Somerset House and South Kensington, playing festive music as families save each other from a daisy chain of inevitable falls. For me, it’s something much simpler, perhaps something that only Londoners can feel. It’s the change in atmosphere: rich with the anxiety of imminent gift giving, cheered by the flashing lights of our streets and warmed by the kindness and smiles of strangers.

Roll neck jumper, and Bruton shopper, both William & Son

There’s no end to the joy this season brings, yet within the city, there’s a place in which I love being the most: Mayfair. Home to Berkeley Square - in the centre of which sits a magnificent Christmas Tree - and William & Son, a brand at the heart of British culture and style, and one of the ultimate luxury Christmas shopping destinations. Based on Mayfair’s Bruton Street, the store embodies the festive spirit: from stunning window displays to the lights and festive sound track, suffice to say it’s the surest way to get into the swing of things this time of year.

The inevitable changes to our wardrobes inaugurate the festive season in an altogether different way: shirts turn to sweaters, shoes to boots and jackets to overcoats. In my case, colour plays a big part of this change, as I put the colours of summer to rest and autumnal hues of mustard and burgundy come to the fore, and I’ve no objection to layering these: the more the merrier, quite literally - which is where the ‘toffee’ shade of the Bruton Collection from William & Son makes for my perfect bag. Created by in-house designer Sarah Larn, it’s the kind of handbag that makes an outfit: the stunning craftsmanship, the classic yet modern design that runs through the collection, and the exquisite mustard-esque shade make for an accessory that is uniquely understated.

Roll neck jumper, WIlliam & Son | Square shopper 'Bruton' bag, William & Son

Yet the collection offers more delicate pieces to wear throughout the festive season, too, what with the endless dinners, parties and New Year fast-approaching. The mini satin Bruton clutch is the perfect way to transform any outfit: sequins and slinky dresses aren’t commonplace in my wardrobe. Rather, I prefer to opt for understated pieces - jumpsuits are my go to - and render them evening-appropriate through my accessories. Heels are a must, but a petite bag - preferably in satin or with touches of embellishment, also available from the Bruton collection - are just the touch I need.

Cashmere cardigan, and Mini Bruton clutch, both William & Son

The brand’s new cashmere collection is full of my winter must-haves: cardigans, roll-necks and deconstructed crew-neck jumpers. My new day-to-night saviour? I love wearing a cardigan tied round the neck for a warming styling update. For day, though, I stick with cosy classics, such as William &Son’s sleeveless roll neck worn with mismatched tailoring: for me, versatility is key, and I’ll layer it under jackets, over a puff-sleeve blouse for a more evening-appropriate look, or over red satin trousers for our big family Christmas lunch. If they’re lucky, there might be an Aunt and cousin unwrapping something similar come Christmas Day.

Truth be told, I can’t wait to be running around buying gifts for my loved ones: the rush of shopping in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day is one of those feelings that you get at no other time of year, and in no other city. Watch out, Mayfair, you’ll be seeing a lot of me very soon.

This post was produced in collaboration with William & Son