All i want for Christmas by Florrie Thomas

It's always the way: you've spent all year with things on your wishlist and come Christmas time you draw blank. However its the things that linger on in my mind, that I couldn't quite justify buying for myself, that always make my wishlist. I particulalry love to receive jewellery as its always something special that you treasure forever and reminds you of that person whenever you wear it. Here are a few of the things im wishing for this Chirstmas, these, socks, pants and world peace of course.

1. Earrings by Jessie Thomas Jewellery 

Jessica Thomas makes the sort of jewellery that you know you will still be in love with when you are 80. Its classic and timeless but feels so chic and modern at the same time. These rose quartz drop earrings are such a clever pairing of pink and green (one of my favourite colour combos) too.

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2. Ring by Tarra Rosenbaum

I saw a friend wearing this ring and fell completely in love with it. Its delicate yet statement and so elegant in the way it sits on the finger. Its not cheap but it’s a complete investment piece that I know I will never tire of.

18k gold ring , £1728, Tarra Rosenbaum

3. Santal 33 by Le Labo

I can always tell from a mile away when someone is wearing this delicious scent and I have always toyed with buying it and then never been able to justify it.

Santal 33, £120

4. Boots by Dorateymur

I have these boots in white patent leaher and they are the perfect height, shape and fit tight on the ankle so they look great with cropped jeans. The western buckle appeals to my love of cowboy boots.

Leather boots, £395, Dorateymur

5. Candles by Matilada Goad

These ribbed candles by Matilda Goad are the pretties shade of lilac and will look perfect in my flat. Her denim scalloped lamp shades are also on my list.

Set of 6 candles, £35, Matilda Goad