The Bags with a 2,000 Person Waiting List: Chylak

Everything you need to know about Chylak in two points: 1) when we say mid range, we mean mid range; 2) the quality and design of the bags far exceed their price point. Don't believe us? Ask the 2,000+ women currently on the waiting list to receive their handbag.

Launched in 2014 in Warsaw, Poland, the new label won their native ELLE Style Award's 'Brand of the Year' award the following year: almost immediate recognition for a young designer. They must be good. But what is so good about these bags that women everywhere are willing to wait? Sleek, functional, and often interchangeable (the choice of straps means you can get three bags in one), you'll have women dropping their jaws when you explain that it didn't cost you an arm and a leg.  



The half moon (real name: saddle bag) is the kind of bag that transforms your everyday wardrobe. We'll bet you don't have a bag like it, and slung crossbody, it makes even the simplest get ups look considered.

Bag, €275, Chylak