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A British-American Summer: Our Styling Tips

In summer, we've got different rules for different area codes (rule applies exclusively to getting dressed.) Doesn't everyone? The kaftan that you wore for weeks spent on a boat in the Med just seems wrong for work in an air conditioned office in London, whilst that Dolce-inspired shift dress that's oh-so work appropriate feels too stuffy for a weekend by the seaside.

We've spent the past four weeks apart in polarising climates - Florrie in London, Anna in Nashville - discussing the issues associated with dressing and accessorising in the heat. So, we decided to bring you the rules we're living by, and enlisted the help of some of our favourite pieces from the Coach pre-fall collection. Introducing our tips for dressing in the city, from Nashville to London (applicable to wherever you are.)


One thing you can't fail to notice about Nashville? The humidity. It strikes you like a lightning bolt the second you leave the safety of air conditioned bliss. Suffice to say that looking polished is difficult. Nay, impossible. That said, it's a pretty polarising climate and after the heat lightning comes the cool (well, sometimes.) My solution? A few simple rules that help avoid that 'quick, tell me if there's sweat showing on my back' scenario at all costs.

Anna wears dress, Coach

1.Dark colours are your friend (especially when they're as chic as this Coach dress.) We're trained to ignore them in the heat but if you don't plan to be in the sun, they conceal perspiration and look chic when kept tonal.
2.Keep your shoulders and back free. The neckline of this Coach dress is the perfect find - the deep V keeps everything breathing and I love having one strap off the shoulder for an asymmetric feel.

Anna wears jacket, bag, belt all Coach

3.On cooler days, tailoring is bearable, but keep it light (aka, no layers.) This military style jacket is the perfect summer solution for looking chic at meetings, worn tonally with one of my favourite shoes of the season (I'm a sucker for a shoe with a buckle.)

4.Rolled up sleeves are your friend. Trust me.



I don't remember a summer quite like this one in terms of endless days of sun and more recently intense heat. But what London does best is get you really used to something (and in this case hot and sticky) and then take it away when you've just gotten used to it. So i give you my 5 tips for London dressing.

Florrie wears the Floral Bud Print slip dress and boots both, Coach 

1. I spend most summer days in a float maxi dress. Boots like these ones from Coach are good for stomping the dusty streets of London if you don't want to end up with dirty feet (oh and if you mean business)

 2. City-fying a summery slip dress with boots and a belt takes it from holidays by the pool to city life and thats important when the weather says holiday.

3. Have ready in your arsenal a pair of jeans and, dare a say it....a knit. This one by Coach is the perfect thing to throw on on a chilly evening with jeans.

Florrie wears jeans, jumper and bag, all Coach

4. Dress your most bohemian even if you're not. Summer makes even the most minimal of dressers dip a toe into a more free and floaty way of dressing. These patchwork jeans from Coach are fresh from the 70s and tick all my boxes.


 In collaboration with Coach

Images of Anna shot by Alaina K Mullin
Images of Florrie shot by Moeez Ali in London