Why Olive Green is the New Black

By Anna Rosa Vitiello

Olive green has quietly snuck its way into my wardrobe (though I have remained oblivious 'til now, I'll admit) and I've slowly been incorporating it into every other outfit I wear. So successful has its quiet introduction to my life been, in fact, that I've only just realised it has infiltrated every product range in my repertoire: socks, headbands, dresses, underwear, etc. etc.

The sudden realisation hit me when I stumbled upon this Fendi bucket bag - a silhouette to which I am usually averse - and was compulsively drawn to it (though some might say that I could be drawn to anything that's petite and Fendi.) But it was more than that: it was a chic / timeless / grown up yet not boring colour, and felt like a refreshing alternative to the usual beige, brown and black suspects currently dominating my handbag collection. 

So, whilst this mossy trend may not come as news to anyone in the know (AW18's runways were awash with similarly earthy tones, which is probably where this new love could be traced back to), I, for one, am embracing this alternative 'classic' with all my might.

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Anna wears blazer, Mulberry. Shorts and top (worn as headband), Donni. Bag, Fendi.

Florrie wears bag, Dior (available exclusively at Harrods).