London Fashion Week, Day 3

 We don't know if you've noticed, but we have a thing for handbags. Mini bags, oversized bags, crossbody bags, satchel bags - we could go on. But London Fashion Week isn't a time for just any bags (in any case, who would we be if it were?) In fact, it's a rare opportunity to don our finest wares and go out into the world wearing the things we love the most. We'd be lying if we said that we put as much thought into dressing throughout the rest of the year, but hey, this is our week, and we like to own it. (Literally speaking, plaids and checks fall perfectly into the category of London girls nodding to our British heritage.)


And speaking of heritage, we were proud to support one of our more recent - but favourite - discoveries: Moreau Paris. Safe to say, we've seen a fair few handbags in our time (read: thousands and thousands, no exaggeration,) but rarely, if ever, have we seen bags that ooze luxury from every hand sewn seam more than these. Trust us, they have to be seen to be believed. They're the kind of bag that draw real appreciation for the craftsmanship: nothing ostentatious or showy happening, here, just elegant pieces to be spotted on the chicest people in town (if we may say so ourselves.)


Established in Paris in 1882 as a luggage maker, the luxury leather goods label remained small and exclusive, and in 2011 was brought back to life by artistic director Fedor George Savchenko (thank goodness, we say,) reviving the signature archive print inspired by wicker baskets (worth noting: two of our favourite things in a bag.) So, naturally we were both drawn to the label's iconic print in classic shades of brown and red.

And so day three went something like this: the heritage prints we wore to see Christopher Bailey’s swan song for Burberry were, if we do say ourselves, perfectly complimented by another great line of heritage from across the pond: our treasured Moreau Paris bags.


Florrie wears the Vicomte bag and for Anna wears the Chanceliere bag.

Head to for more information about the bags or to buy, visit their store on 21 Bruton Street, London