Strappy Sandals, I Surrender

I’d very much hoped that this 90s strappy sandal trend would come and go faster than my obsession with caramel-dipped pretzels at my local Nashville cinema (2000 calories per piece?! I’ll leave it, thank you.) While my friends galavanted around in barely-there sandals in all their beautiful, plump and pretty toe glory, I struggled - and have struggled my whole life, no less - with how to get my toes out (I was a lanky teenager with scraggly toes en pointe from a young age... go figure.)

Unfortunately for me, and every other woman on the planet with less than an affinity for their tootsies, the feet-bearing fad has stuck around - and sucked me in in the process. Their daintiness is almost hideously elegant, they go with near enough everything, and, what’s more, every singly stylish woman on my instagram feed has a pair. Now, I’m not usually one to sheep on ‘trends’, but strappy shoes? For you, I’ll succumb.

Alluringly, you’ll find all the best styles by my favourite contemporary shoe designers - from By Far to American label Intentionally Blank - and, quite frankly, the allure is becoming all toe-much. So join me, please, in dribbling over these skimpy things, and attempting to ascertain which will do my ballet-broken toes the least injustice.

Sculptural Heel Sandals, Jacquemus

Block Heel Mules, By Far

Strap Sandals, Intentionally Blank

Grid strap mules, Mansur Gavriel

Heeled sandals, Maryam Nassir Zadeh