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How to Buy Jewellery You'll Wear Forever

All imagery by Rosalind Alcazar

In partnership with Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Embarking on launching our website together has involved a lot of hard work, but also a lot of shared milestones along the way. As friends and co-founders, we share so much of our lives together - the highs and lows as well as the day to day. We’ve celebrated everything from co-creating a business, to accomplishing personal goals, to engagements and everything in between. Naturally, many of these occasions involve commemorating with a special piece of jewellery, and the building of this has often reflected the exciting times that we’ve shared.

Florrie wears earrings, bracelet and rings (here, here, here and here) | Anna wears earrings and rings (here, here, here and here)

But which piece to buy each other? We each bring different qualities to our work and this is reflected in our unique style and taste in jewellery, as well as the differing ways we wear it. We both have a penchant for mixing metals - something we’ve done with the Bucherer Fine Jewellery pieces pictured - and love to play on a high low mix, combining casual pieces and dress down evening dresses with simple chunky gold jewellery.

As fashion editors who have often styled fine and high jewellery shoots, where fine jewellery is concerned, what we’ve learned is that we want to invest in pieces that are of the highest quality but that we can wear every day (and forever!) but that also feel fresh and contemporary. Whether gifts from loved ones or pieces we buy ourselves, we look for something that can stand the test of time and compliment each other, and that we feel will always work with our ever- evolving style.

Jewellery, same as above, all Bucherer Fine Jewellery

In Bucherer Fine Jewellery - a fine jewellery brand steeped in history and known for its craftsmanship, but with a very modern outlook on fine jewellery - we’ve found those investment pieces and more. Beautifully classic designs feature simple modern twists - for example, the simple bands are punctuated with graphic diamond pavé detail - they are the sort of jewellery pieces you know you will love just as much now as when you are old and grey (and perhaps beyond, even.)
Our business too is founded on a rejection of fast fashion and instead our mutual belief in buying things that will last - something reflected within the Bucherer Fine Jewellery brand. Worn alone, rings such as these rose gold bands look understated and minimal, but layered with other bands it becomes the perfect way to express yourself; we’re eternal advocates of playing with special pieces to create new looks depending on your mood.

Florrie wears earringsbracelet and rings (hereherehere and here

These yellow gold bands, too, can be worn solo or stacked as per your everyday wardrobe - they are pieces that become part of your armour but more than that, when commemorating a relationship or moment, almost become a part of you. It’s no exaggeration to say that we recognise each other’s rings almost as much as each other faces, so much are they a part of us. This infinity ring is another of our favourites - it is such a classic piece but the perfect gift to celebrate a friendship as much as a romantic relationship.


Image on left: Anna wears earrings and rings (hereherehere and here) | Image on right: Florrie wears earringsbracelet and rings (hereherehere and here)

Beyond the everyday, a pair of statement earrings can be all you need to lift an outfit. We’ve built a business around expressing our belief that all you need to update your wardrobe is some great jewellery or a new bag or pair of shoes. More than anything jewellery can become something that expresses your personality and character as much as adding a bit of glitz for an evening event. Earrings are often our go to where this is concerned - even if it’s wanting to add something to our mutual love of a staple neutral colour palette.

There’s something indescribably special in jewellery that evokes a memory or achievement, or even simply reminds you of someone special - something perfectly exemplified in these beautiful Bucherer Fine Jewellery pieces.


Jewellery, same as above, all Bucherer Fine Jewellery