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My Five Style Resolutions by Florrie

I am in constant battle against my disorganisation. A perfectionist in my head, the reality is that I’m messy and scatty in equal measure. So inevitably, continuous tidying and reorganising ensue in a bid to become less of a mess. New Years resolutions aren’t for everyone but the way I see them is a perfect excuse to start a fresh and mentally (or physically!) tidy up your life. It’s not about setting goals that you will then proceed to fail (read: going to the gym every day) but working out what little, achievable, changes you can make or to how you approach things, that will ultimately make you happier and more relaxed. For me this always includes my wardrobe: What I need to get rid of, what I need to buy, spend money on and how I want to dress. Sometimes its changing they way you approach or think about it and sometimes its simple a pledge to carry on thinking the way you are doing, but more. It’s identifying the patterns you fall into and perhaps physically going through your wardrobe and making sense of it so then shopping becomes an easier task. So I give you my five fashion resolutions.

1. Buy less and buy better
This is a long standing resolution of mine that I’m getting better and better at. As news of how much plastic is filling our oceans has hit the news it’s an important reminder that the polyester clothes we buy for next to nothing and then get rid of the following year are contributing to this horrific attack on our planet. Plus I’ve always liked the idea of a wardrobe that stands the test of time, evolving but including pieces I’ve had for years. I like the idea of buying something and imagining still wearing it and loving it when I’m an old lady. One way I’ve found of achieving this when the temptation of Zara hits, is investing more into good quality beautiful pieces literally means you have less money, and less money therefore to spend on lots of cheap stuff. So buy the Balenciaga boots!

2. Think about things… but not too much
I’ve realised that it’s the things that I think on and long for that I end up being most happy with when I finally take the plunge and buy them. However, this works when your shopping on Net-a-porter and can pop back online to make the purchase after two weeks of having a good think, but its also meant that I still long for things that I didn’t buy in vintage shops in Japan… so this is a resolution to be both more instinctive but also more careful, depending on the situation. But never to buy something for the sake of it. As my mum used to tell me: you should only buy something if you want to go straight home and put it on.

3. Buy boring
I have a habit of buying things that excite me (a habit I never want to lose) but it sometimes means I don’t have many great, simple and sometimes quite boring basics to stick them together. This means I don’t end up wearing the exciting things as much. A tactic that I want to employ is going through my wardrobe and working out what proverbial glue I need and then shopping in a very practical way to bring things I already have back to life rather than just adding to the load.

4. Have a mental mood board

Having it clear in your mind how you want to dress makes for a very elegant and succinct look. Sometimes I think I accidentally sway from this, getting distracted by things that are great but not very me, and I end up not really feeling myself. I want to practise coming back to this 'mental moodboard' when I get dressed or plan an outfit.

5. Be less attached

I’m a self confessed hoarder and find it really hard to part with things that I once loved even if I know I will never wear them again. Or I fall in love with a piece knowing full well it’s not really me but I just love it in itself. I want to have a more cutthroat attitude to pieces that have just been sitting in my wardrobe and aren't occasionwear. Something i wore and loved at university is, lets be honest, probably not worth keeping.