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What Would Marie Kondo Do? The Jewellery Edition

We'd been thinking about bringing a 'tidy up' series to you long before the exceedingly tidy Marie Kondo hit our Netflix 'suggested for you' list. Slight disclaimer: we're not going to claim to be as strict as her (the last thing we'd ever suggest is throwing your jewellery out) nor are our tips quite as strict. Because let's face it, who has time - in January of all months - to sit and sift through their belongings acquired over a lifetime of memories and label them A-Z then neatly pack them into 72 pouches in varying shape and size? Not us. That's why our 'WWMKD' (aka what would Marie Kondo do?) features some simple storage suggestions to help you tidy in your own time.

First up, jewellery, because it's the little bits and pieces that really create the mess (and then the bigger mess follows, of course.)

The Glass Box Method

Pros: you can see all your jewellery, which saves digging it all out just to get to the piece you were after.
Cons: it's not the tidiest way to store it, nor is the most discreet. We'd suggest not storing anything too valuable in there, obviously.

Glass jewellery box, £20, H&M

 The Travel Sets

If you're not the most immaculate packer of them all (read: normal and vaguely disorganised) then you may well have, like most of us, lost a jewel or two along your travels. Travel wraps are to jewellery what suitcases are to clothes: a God send. You can choose one according to your jewellery needs, but they all fold up into one flat-packed safe haven. (Tip: when travelling on planes, carry this in your handbag to be safe - your undies can get lost but your jewellery definitely shouldn't.)

The extra pro of a jewellery wrap is that they hang from a hook when you get to your destination, meaning no further jewellery storage needed.

Jewellery travel wrap, £60, Stackers

Jewellery wrap, £225, Smythson

Zip up jewellery case, £225, Anya Hindmarch

Mini travel jewellery box, £18, Oliver Bonas

Zip up jewellery box, £60, Stackers


The DIY Method

Possibly the most effective way of storying jewellery if you have the space in your drawers. Brands like Stackers offer personalised compartments so that you can cater it to your jewellery repertoire. Got more rings? Get more than one Muji ring compartment.

Earring compartment storage, £10, Muji

Earrings and necklace case, £17, Muji 

The Aesthetically Pleasing Method

A method which, although a little messier, if you have the surface area can look like a piece of art. We love the organic shapes and colours of ceramic trinket dishes, and Missoma's graphic versions are the perfect gift.

Trinket dish, £22, Missoma

Ring stand, £7, Oliver Bonas

Trinket dishes, from £10, Anthroplogie

Trinket dishes, £18, Kabinshop at Etsy

The Jewellery Stand

The age old faithful, particularly great if you're low on space. They also look aesthetically pleasing should you choose something that goes with your other table top trinkets.

Jewellery stand, £12.50 (on sale), Tosca at John Lewis