Doina by Moeez Tali

There are certain trends that, even after a few seasons, will divide the style savvy. Take crocs, for example; you can hardly deny that their purpose could outweigh their fashion pull. But in an age where we whole-heartedly embrace individuality, you could throw almost anything at this industry and bet your (bell) bottom dollar that some designer, somewhere, will make it work. (For proof, see Christopher Kane’s jewel-decorated crocs from a couple of seasons back.) It’s a little like the Eurovision of the fashion world: no one wants to admit it, but we all actually quite like the weirdness.

Linda Tol by Moeez Tali

That said, we actually don’t think fanny packs are that ugly or weird. On the contrary, they’re actually the vice of incredibly chic women: think Charlotte Rampling or Sofia Sanchez de Betak. But for some, recalling this accessory’s more forgettable moments puts them off. Its demise could quite possibly be traced back to the name – even as grown women, you can’t help but snigger under your breath (and who wants to wear something you can’t even say?) Then there’s the faux pas’: certain ladies dressed in nothing bar fishnets and a fanny pack to cover, well, their lady parts; or retired lycra clad ladies finding themselves while tourist-ing through New York. Nil point.

 Zina by Moeez Tali

But – and with us, there is always a but, because we strive to see the good in all – we have a combination of Salvatore Ferragamo, Kendall Jenner, and the good ladies at Vestiaire to thank for the bum bag’s* salvation (*alternative term may be used in case of fanny pack fear.) Want the inspiration? Check the runway at Gucci. How to wear it? Thanks, Kendall. How to buy into it? A quick scroll through Vestiaire’s offering of now-and-always iconic pieces will suffice to reignite the flame.

Doina by Mooez Tali

It would be easy to dismiss the bum bag as being ‘too retro’ for your style, but you’d almost certainly be wrong. From a classic and barely there Chanel style to Gucci’s beetle-embellished bags, we’re almost willing to put money on there being a fanny pack for all.