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4 Ways to wear a silk scarf this autumn

Scarves are having a moment. You only have to set foot in Zara to see dresses, as if sewn from vintage silk scarves, everywhere you look. Bandana style tops were also a hit this summer but as the weather changes we show you four ways to wear your scarf for autumn.

Pirate style

A classic: we love this look especially when using a big scarf tied in a messy knot. Opt for a silk scarf over a cotton bandana for an elevated look.

Florrie wears the Praia scarf, £175, Victoria Ragna

Loose and Flowing

When the weather is in in-between mode and its a little hot for a jacket opt for an oversized silk scarf. Instead of worn like a shawl try it draped over one shoulder, or belted with a waist belt or even flowing from your bag. Go maxi with the scarf for full floaty flowing effect.

Anna wears Arara Azul scarf, £175, Victoria Ragna

The Classic neck tie

Here at & FINALLY, adding an accessory to finish an outfit is really our MO and the neck scarf might be the easiest way to do this. Update your laziest outfit (read: favourite jeans and t shirt) with a silk neck scarf in a co-ordinated, or better still, contrasting tone.

Florrie wears the mini Amazonia, £95, Victoria Ragna

The Twilly

Sure, you are investing in essentially a (beautiful) strip of silk but this strip will become your favourite accessorising weapon. Tie simply round the neck for the chicest simplicity or try it round your wrist or in your hair.

Anna wears Amazonia Twill, £75, Victoria Ragna

In collaboration with Victoria Ragna, all pictures by Giulia Greco