How to Wear a Suit for Summer Weddings

All images by Moeez Ali

If I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked whether it’s appropriate to wear trousers to a wedding, I’d have a piggy bank exploding at the seams. Long gone are the days when only dresses and gowns were considered appropriate attire (lest the dress code state this specifically, in which case please disregard the trouser remark.) Truth is, you can make almost anything occasion-appropriate with the right accessories - it’s not an art, just a healthy dose of careful consideration.

I often feel more polished and put together in a suit or all-in-one: there’s something so nostalgic about a high-waist silhouette with a jacket flung over the shoulders. But how to make a tailored look smart enough to wear to a summer wedding, you might ask? My recipe is simple: 
1. Opt for sleek, simple hair
2. Keep the accessories tonal (or in my case, neutral)
3. Add a sprinkling of diamonds to finish (sprinkling = seemingly random stacking of subtly sparkling jewels.)

Rings, L-R: Aura yellow gold band, Aura rose gold band, Caress ring, Gold Petal band

When it comes to diamonds, stacking is a relative term: naturally, I don’t mean scores of baguette-encrusted bands scattered across any finger they’ll fit (unless 1) that’s your thing and 2) your bank account can afford you the luxury of courting such an idea.) De Beers has long been known for producing the most exquisite engagement rings and bridal jewellery, but who says a guest isn’t eligible for a little frosting of their own? Not me.

Aura round brilliant cut bracelet, Lotus White Gold pendant

For the bride (which on this occasion, I am not, obviously) it’s a special process: the engagement rings are like no other, yet the De Beers ‘For You, Forever’ bespoke service offers the opportunity to have a diamond engagement ring individually crafted, which starts at only £2,000. But for me, (aka, not the bride) jewellery is still a key component in my outfit, so much so that I have my own tradition: for every memorable occasion, I add a new piece to my collection to commemorate the special occasion.

When it comes to summer weddings, neutral tones are my failsafe: they always look chic and you can mix and match the pieces for other occasions (notice the anxiety of wearing the same outfit twice slowly fading?) But the finishing touch is, naturally, in the accessorising. I love putting unexpected twists on classic pieces, whether that be a vintage pair of mules, an interesting bag shape or the way I wear my jewellery.

De Beers’ understated entry-level pieces are perfect for this. Take this pair of micropavé diamond hoops earrings, for example, both of which I’ve put in one ear (because, quite frankly, rules are made for breaking.) Or the Aura white diamond bands stacked on one hand for a touch of modernity. Delicate pieces like these are the perfect way to add a touch of femininity to a tailored look, and I love the juxtaposition of the masculine blazer.

White gold hoops, all other jewellery as before

Truth be told, I’ll probably wear a variation on this combination to most of this summer’s events: it’s my favourite way to feel pulled together with minimal effort. See you at the next one with a similar (but different) blazer, and if I can help it, a couple more rings to stack.

 Feature in collaboration with De Beers