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Suited and Belted: 5 Ways to Wear Belts

Photo by Moeez Ali

Different accessories excel at different things, but we're about to make an unambiguous the case for the humble waist belt. Momentarily forgotten - until the recent resurgence of all things 80s, that is - it is the surest ticket to an instant style update.

Ever since the Gucci belt became arguably the most coveted purchase around, the fashion savvy seem to have begun to rediscovered the transformative powers of belts. However, we're talking less logo, more understated. Think about the subtlety of a simple leather buckle belt, which, teamed over your manish suit suddenly softens your look; or, used to cinch in an oversized scarf, makes a layered look seem more considered. From (vast) experience we can say that once you invest in a this strip of leather you will find yourself belting anything you can get your hands on.

A quick look through some 80s achive imagery inspired us and here we give you five things to do with your new waist belt.


If you've missed that heritage blazers are in then listenup: THEY'RE IN. On the flip side, if its currently your everyday uniform, you're probably statring to getting a little tired of it. Summer dressing is still not an option, so to quell that boredom just add a waist belt. 


If you've ever struggled to fit your chunky scarf into your look, this might just be the style advice that saves your winter wardrobe. Not only does it create a fine silhouette, but it stops them falling off your shoulders and into oncoming puddles, too.


Layering: the art of which is not easy to learn but once well practised, is an easy way to look pulled together. Breathe new life into your favourite coat by belting it: not only will it make your coat feel new and exciting, it will emphasise your waist like nothing else. 


Bogged down by the heavy fabrics of winter, it's easy to feel lost under your outerwear. Cue a thick waist belt and watch those layers form into a flattering 40s silhouette.


We are off to find and oversized denim shirt and belt it at the waist over jeans and we urge you to do the same... 

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