What’s a ‘fashion girl’s’ wardrobe without white shoes? These days, the answer is half empty. This 80s icon has become so prevalent that they’ve surpassed trend status to reach ‘staple’ status. Clinical white is a must (no treading carefully with cream or off-white), and a classic shape is obligatory. But how do you wear them and, more to the point, why must you wear them?

Not so long ago, white shoes were regarded as trashy – proof of this is the reaction of a 60-something-year-old to the trend: ‘Oh, you mean f*** me shoes!’ My my, how times have changed! How often does a trend claw its way back from the realms of 80s’ call girl to chic wardrobe essential?

It’s taken a good half a decade for white shoes to make this transition. Back in 2011, Phoebe Philo set the cool cogs into motion, presenting mid-heel white court shoes for pre-fall. These elegant stilettos were just the beginning as they trickled down from global fashion editor wardrobes to that of mere mortals.

Skip to 2017 and many at last season’s AW17 shows used it as a way to punctuate a pared-back look: a trend for the minimalist, if you will. Imagine vintage Levi’s and a blazer team with near luminous white mules and there you have the true value of white shoes: classics updated with a little bad (?) taste. They’re so bad, they’re good.

But exclusively minimal they ain’t. A pair of white patent Dorateymur boots (fresh from Dolly Parton’s wardrobe) were my favourite buy of last season, thanks to the prevalence of all things 80s. For a further ode, might I suggest teaming a simple white sandal with coloured tights? Alternatively, if the 60s look works better for you, try this calf length pair from Mango under cropped denim.

Much of their appeal lies in their versatility: they go with just about everything, but they inject a sartorial prowess like no other. Consider those Gianvito Rossi black suede sandals that you’ve worn to just about every party because they subtly enhance that extravagant dress, then consider that same dress with white sandals, and you’ll begin to understand. In the same vein, they can update most outfits with much needed modernity: something I’m acutely aware of as a lover of floaty boho dresses.

In short, we urge you to invest in a pair of white shoes and start reaping the rewards.