There was a time when – for most women – being a luxury fashion broker from the comfort of your home was a mere fantasy. Then the world gave us Vestiaire Collective: once a small scale fashion 're-commerce' site, now the platform through which any woman worth her weight in Balenciaga monetizes her wardrobe.

From resale calculators to charity auctions (selling items from the wardrobes of Emma Watson and Diane Kruger, no less) Vestiaire Collective has single-handedly shaken that ‘second-hand-eurgh-no-way’ attitude and been central to reshaping the vintage landscape. Some have even suggested that vintage or ‘past-season’ has surpassed current season shopping in popularity (and we’re not sure we entirely disagree.)

We caught up with the face of the brand and co-founder Fanny Moizant, whose own impeccable sense of style is the product of her own very considered way of curating a wardrobe, including a strict one-in one-out policy.

All pictures courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

1. Has founding Vestiaire made you think differently about how you buy?

I think I’ve always invested in classic pieces that I know I’ll love, keep and wear forever. However, I think it’s made me more aware about choosing wisely when buying extra pieces in season with the plan to sell them later.

2. Why do accessories sell so well?

Firstly, women love bags and accessories! But with the Vestiaire Collective model, I think that people are more willing to buy accessories online than they are clothing.

3. What do you have your eye on at the moment?

I’m searching for a vintage Hermes Kelly bag in navy blue and I’m always looking for statement cuffs as they can easily update an outfit. I’m also looking for the Lanvin Dolls – I have a few of them on my mantelpiece but now I really want to complete the collection and have them dotted around the house!

4. Have you always been someone who enjoys searching for hidden treasures?

I’ve always loved fashion and when I was young I used to help my Mother in her clothing boutique. I’d rummage through the deliveries to find something exciting that no one else had.

5. If you could save 5 of your accessories in a fire what would they be?

I’d save..
My Hermes Medor cuff that I searched high and low for
My Repossi ring, that my Husband gave me when we had our daughter
My vintage Chanel bag
My Charlotte Olympia Clutch bag
My Cartier ring
...and if you only had time to save one?
My Cartier ring as it was given to me by my Husband after the birth of our eldest daughter Louise.

6. Which accessories are you loving right now?

I’ve just bought the Vetements snakeskin ankle boots with the orange heel, I’ll wear them with cropped frayed hem jeans and a white shirt.

7. Which accessories would you invest in this season for a future return?

Anything by Gucci, the resale value of Gucci is really high at the moment due to Alessandro Michele. Maybe the loafers, a classic buy but really on trend at the moment.

8. What trends do you think will stick around or die?

I think the mini bag trend will stay; it’s liberating to not carry everything around everyday. I also think the ‘sports luxe’ trend is here for the long term: trainers have become an acceptable footwear choice whether you’re at the office, an event or doing the school run. All of the luxury fashion houses are including trainers in their collections… Chanel, Gucci, Valentino.
Although everyone from Dolce & Gabana and Louis Vuitton to Vetements and Givenchy have covered their T-shirts, bags and even jackets in their brand logo this season, I think this will fade: it’s a trend that we’ve seen come and go for decades now.

9. Is there one rare accessory you'd be excited to go on sale on Vestiaire that hasn't yet reached the site?

This has actually already happened! I searched high and low for my Hermes Medor cuff in a specific leather, I searched the stores and asked everyone I knew and then one day it popped up on Vestiaire Collective for the first time… I added it straight to my basket!

10. Any advice on how storing accessories, particularly for a future resale?It’s best to keep bags and shoes in dust bags and boxes to prevent marks and damage. You should also keep receipts and any other documents safe to ensure you get the maximum price when reselling.

Just when you thought it was all over…

*Shoes or bags? – Probably shoes, a good pair of shoes can change the way jeans and a t-shirt look.
*Statement or fine jewellery? – I honestly wear a mix of both, usually a statement Hermes cuff with a dainty gold bangle and my Repossi ring.
*Edited or overflowing wardrobe? – Edited, very edited!
*Heels or flats? Flats for everyday running around and heels for anything else!
*Neverfull or Peekaboo mini? – I’ll have to choose the Neverfull as I can put everything I need in it including my laptop and the pile of magazines and papers that I’m usually carrying around!
*Gucci or Vetements? I really love what both of these brands are doing at the moment and both have a high resale value.
*Sexy or man repelling? Both, mainly Man Repelling but with a small sexy twist.
*Classic or quirky? – Classic with a twist!
*Late night or early bird? – Early bird, my Husband leaves at 6.30 most mornings and I have too young girls to get to school.
*Wine or tea? I’m French we don’t really drink tea, so it will have to be wine!
*Bolognese or moules et frites? I’m not a seafood fan so I’d have to pick the Bolognese.
*Spa or shopping? Spa definitely, most of my shopping happens online in bed at night!
*Instagram or Twitter? Instagram, I’m a really visual person and love nothing more than scrolling through my feed.
*Lipstick or lip balm? Lipbalm, Charlotte Tilbury is my current favourite ;)