All I Want For Christmas by Alex Stedman

After shoes and bags, home accessories are some of our favourite things and we find no better inspiration than in Alex Stedman's mammoth house renovation (we can't stop watching her instastories...). The woman behind 'The Frugality' is just as talented at dressing her home as she is herself, and all at very palatable price points. In the first of our Christmas Wishlist series, she tells us what she's hoping for under the tree..

1. Alex Katz hardback book

On a recent trip to NYC, we visited the Whitney for the first tie and I loved all of Alex Katz's works - especially the use of colour, which I'm hoping to bring into our new home a bit more next year!

£25.96, Alex Katz- Revised and Expanded


2. Bold as Brass Wall sconce 


My christmas wish lists are never exactly the most thrilling, but to me, they're a dream. I've been browsing Etsy more and more recently for homewares and there are so many great sellers, and these are in my favourites.
3. Soho Home Grey Robe
Every year I ask for the practical, mainly because I can never justify spending the money on myself...I am in desperate need of a dressing gown (mine is threadbare) and this ticks all the boxes.
4. H&M Cushion
Cushions make everything better. I have an addiction but one more can't hurt...

5. Sweet Fig Candle by Wood Grey
I love pretty much everything on this site, and love to support small businesses, too. This site is run by a lovely girl called Helene, whom I met through my blog events...her edit is impeccably curated and sent with love.