A Hair Raising Weekend at La Reserve

Beauty and hair are as much of an accessory as bags and shoes; they’re all the finishing touches to your outfit, and a blow dry can be as transformative, if not more transformative, than a bright red clutch or killer heels; the same goes for lipstick, an eyeshadow, an updo and so on.

Right about the time when La Reserve, Geneva, invited me out to get my hair cut by Rossano Ferretti (more on him later) I’d been having some difficulty getting used a killer 90s haircut that would look perfectly at home on Monica Geller, but made me look like a bad Italian hair campaign that should be buried along with badly applied lip liner and spiky pony tails. So I gratefully accepted and hoped that he’d be able to untangle my mop.

Ferretti is an icon in the hair world, which is why he’s regularly enlisted to chop the locks of VIPs including the Ducchess of Cambrige, Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon to name a few. He famously created the ‘invisible haircut’, designed to showcase and complement every individual, and women line up to see one of his team around the world. And now he was cutting mine - talk about a step (or five) down. But he treated me like the A-lister my 5 year old self wishes I could have been, and I immediately knew that whatever he was going to do, it would change my hair - and face - for the better. He analysed my cut, identified the issues and swiftly got to work to fix it. The charming Italian knew exactly what was making me feel un-me without me saying a word, and we chatted like old friends as he snip snip snipped away with the patented Rossano Ferretti scissors.

Now I’m not one for selfies (anyone who follows me on instagram can vouch for that), but I took approximately 72 of those self-facing shots as soon as I left the salon. I didn’t post one - more on my inability to post a selfie another time - but the important thing is that I took them, because for the first time ever, yes, ever, I felt like some kinda superstar with hair bouncier than a kid’s trampoline.

And I got to continue living that dream, visiting the Nescens spa for a better ageing massage (the best massage I’ve had in my life, nonetheless) and swinging by the Hammam spa before hopping on La Reserve’s private boat across the lake into the city. On the way back, hair resolutely fluttering in the wind of Lake Geneva, I decide to stop in at The Tse Fung, La Reserve’s Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant. for dinner overlooking the pool at sunset. Now if that’s not living my best La Dolce Vita life, then I don’t know what is.

Find more information on the La Reserve Geneva website