London Fashion Week, Day 2

All images by Moeez Ali

Anna wears white loafers, £71.20, Jones Bootmaker, Florrie wears white loafers, £71.20, Jones Bootmaker

It’s the second day of shows at London Fashion Week (two down, three to go) and it goes something like this:

9am: show
10am: show
11am: show
12pm: show...

...And the day continues on in a similar fashion. You see, the thing about London Fashion Week is that through the glamour, there is functionality. For us, anyway (who wants to be running round in pain all day anymore?!) It would be near impossible to run around in heels for 12 hours a day (trust us, we are often literally running for shows, and aching feet don’t survive long) so you’ll often find us not only changing shoes throughout the day, but alternating flats and, well, not-so-flats.

What we’re trying to say it that, if we may say so ourselves, we’ve mastered the art of comfort stroke cool. The key to making flats look chic? White. It’s a simple as that: white loafers transform an outfit. Every time.

Post in collaboration with Jones Bootmaker