All I Want For Christmas by Natasha Oakley

Some women aspire to be like great women. Some great women inspire other great women. Then there's Natasha Oakley: the business woman, the brand, the role model and most importantly, the woman who spends her life empowering other women. Whether through positive body image, lifestyle choices, or shunning the typical model stereotypes, she's one woman we can all aspire to be a little more like. So we're thrilled to introduce her as our 6th and final Christmas guest. Take it away, Tash...

1. Cartier Ring

‘I love everything from Cartier’s Clou collection and this ring is one that I’ll keep forever.’

Ring,£3600, Cartier

2. Aquazzura sandals

‘We often have events for A Bikini A Day and I need comfortable but elegant sandals. These tick those boxes.’

Sandals, £505, Aquazzura

3. Ocean Coral Candle by Michael Aram at Amara

‘I love to have lots of candles around the house - they’re so relaxing.’

Candle, £57

4. Zimmermann Dress 

‘This dress is perfect for summer in Sydney - I own lots of Zimmermann pieces and have loved the brand for years.’

Zimmermann dress, £665

5. Gucci Belt 

‘I tend to invest in classic pieces that I can wear with many outfits, and this Gucci belt is the perfect everyday accessory.’

Gucci belt, £235