How to

New Year, Same Old You

Maybe its Marie Kondo’s arrival on Netflix, the excess of the Christmas period or maybe it’s the New Year but we’re feeling like having a clear out! Although making a load of new years resolutions that you’ve already managed to fail seems futile at this time of year, a new year can give you the feeling of a new start and if you feel that why not run with it. On this note we do not condone starting over but simply making tweaks to what you already have. A few hours of time going through your wardrobe is all it takes.

-First set aside a day (it’s actually a weirdly satisfying way to spend a Sunday) or even a few hours to go through your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn things decide why not and if there is something you could wear them with or if you just can’t EVER imagine wearing them. Here’s where accessories come in: could this blazer be lifted by the addition of a wide waist belt? Do you just not have any shoes that work with these trousers? Do you think a pair of statement earrings could make all the difference? Make notes of pieces that you really feel would help you wear the clothes that you’re not wearing. Get rid of anything that you can’t imagine ever wearing!

-Make a little mood board of your style (mental or real!), most importantly thinking about what makes you feel most yourself - most comfortable, most fun, most chic most you! even decide to devote your efforts to sticking to this. The girls who look the most put together have a wardrobe full of things that ALL work together, and its easy to mix and match on a busy morning. This might just take a few tweaks of your current wardrobe or investing in a few new pieces that you’ll wear until summer

-Once you’ve recognised the holes scour shops/ the Internet for the missing pieces while resisting the urge to buy impulse buys that are on sale! It’s better to invest in that pair of boots that is exactly what you are looking for, rather than buying a pair that are cheap but still not going to work with all your favourite jeans.

-Avoid the sales unless one of these ‘needed’ items comes on sale. If you shop on sites like net or matches create wish lists. Once the sales start you can then see when these items come on sale and not forget them.

A few examples of 'hole-filling' pieces, introducing...

The Go-with-everything bag

A smart yet modern tan bag will become your simplest 'outfit completer'. Team with jeans, and layers of tan and brown.

Bag, £650, Wandler

The New-lease-of-life-belt

This belt may be simple but trust us all this jackets you don't wear will be given new life when clinched with this trusty new friend.

Belt, £90, Black and Brown

The Work-under-all-your-jeans-and-trousers boots

With their slim leg, these classic pointed sock boots will fit perfectly under straight leg jeans and their low helming means they are easy to clip clop around in all day.

Boots, £129, & Other Stories

The sling-on-but-look-mega earrings

If you don't own a pair of chunky gold hoops hear us! They are a simple way to add a cool edge to any look in your wardrobe.

Earrings, £245, Ellery