What do you get when you team a ten year creative friendship with a great idea for a brand? NEOUS: the new footwear label that is everything you never (but always) knew you wanted. The brain child of stylist Vanissa Antonius and designer Alan Buanne, the pair have married modernist elements with that unmistakable made-in-Italy quality.

With an accessible luxury price point - sandals start at £300 - it’s only a matter of time until the label’s perspex mules explode onto instagram. The spherical wooden heel of the Orchis pumps is the stuff that social still life snaps are made of, while the 60s ankle boot is the kind of transformative footwear that every wardrobe needs. We find out a little more about the brains behind the beauty…

Images courtesy of Neous

Who or what inspires Neous? 
VA: The modern woman: she values quality and design and appreciates form and beauty as well as fashion. She has the confidence to value comfort over fashion as well as longevity and practicality in her wardrobe. 
Each season we are inspired by different elements. This season, for example, we were inspired by the simple yet radical designs of the Bauhaus movement and principles as well as the Minimal Music movement started by Philip Glass in the 30’s.

Do you see shoes as statements, or complimentary to clothes?
VA: Both. For me, sometimes the ease of putting on a great shoe with a staple outfit is the perfect combination or confidence boost. Other times I feel like dressing up - in which case the shoes are normally complimentary. It should always depends on the mood or personality of the woman, but my general rule is 'Less is more'.

How did you meet and what led you to launch NEOUS?
We meet over ten years ago as students when we were both working in a retail store in Australia, and were reunited again in London once Alan had finished studying footwear design and production in Florence. He started working at Nicholas Kirkwood – where we was for four years – and and I was working at Harper's Bazaar as the Market Editor. It was during this time that we began to talk about a gap in the market for wearable Italian-made shoes at a contemporary price point with the unexpected minimalist design element. We started developing the concept, brand and designs and within a year of us both being freelance we had started the search for our collaborators such as factories, suppliers and pattern makers. A few years on and we’ve launched NEOUS.

What drives you when you're designing shoes – what women want to wear? What you'd like women to wear? What you want to wear? 
Definitely what women want  to wear. NEOUS was about creating shoes that women would feel comfortable and confident in and seamlessly fit into the modern woman’s wardrobe.

If you could only wear three pairs of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be? 
VA: I am a little biased, but our sneaker mules for day, our triangle heeled mules for the perfect elevation – whether it be for a meeting or evening – then our two tone mid-heel boot as a staple; it is a classic but has an unexpected twist. I'm all about comfort, so to be able to wear shoes that look great and are versatile within my wardrobe is my idea of perfection. 
 AB: I spend my life in trainers.

What's next for Neous? 
Our first season has dropped in stores! So at the moment we are looking forward to welcoming women into the NEOUS world.