It’s easy to get lost in the (seemingly) thousands of new brands peppering Instagram every day, from 'demi-fine' brands to staggeringly expensive fine jewellery. It’s a little overwhelming, quite frankly: there is so much out there, you can't see the wood from the trees. Where to even begin?

Navigating the world of jewellery can be tricky. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we kick off a series of features on the jewellery designers on our radar and what they do best, starting with the simplest yet most transformative of elements: the chain.

The perfect chain can propel a piece from mundane to obsession, transforming your jewellery repertoire at the drop of a clasp. We’ve put together the who’s who of chain masters so you can secure your jewellery-savvy status in no time.


London-based Sophie Karg's designs are influenced by her German heritage and the eclectic nature of the city she now calls home. ‘My love for jewellery first started with my grandmother.’ explains Karg, ‘She had the most beautiful necklace with lots of different little pendants she collected over the years – each tells a different story and I really love how personal pieces are to the wearer; they become a part of you’ Pariah’s ‘intertwined’ necklace is the perfect blend of a classic and unusual: a twist on the classic bar chain that holds your favourite charms.

JEZEBEL LONDONFor Jasmin and Tumay, the duo behind Jezebel London, growing up in Turkey where ‘wearing gold jewellery, or gifting gold accessories or coins is a regular part of the culture’ stirred their interest in jewellery. Made from hand finished 14 kt gold, the label’s brick choker reinvents the chain and choker in one piece.


Cult brand Foundrae is known for its meaningful charms. ‘Each symbol is a tool for both self-discovery and self-expression,’ says founder Beth Bugdaycay. But it’s her re-interpretation of the classic Albert chain (or men’s watch chain) that makes these designs so iconic. We particularly love the drawn cable chains that almost resemble paperclips strung together.


It takes a certain type of cool to create the kind of jewellery that Saskia Diez dreams up. ‘My jewellery is there to embellish,’ she says of her pieces, which are simple with a twist. Her Barbelle choker is unique, which each eyelet of the cable chain flattened to create more shine.


Marlene’s interpretations include chunky chain rings that induce feelings of lust like no other. The subtlety of the drawn cable chain on the label’s black tooth necklace bring a sense of cool that sets Marlene apart from her peers.