10 of the Most Spe-shell Jewels

Unless you've been a limpet living under a rock this summer, you'll know that shells are shore-ly this season's biggest trend. Florrie professed her lifetime love of shells at the beginning of the summer, but we decided it was time to bring you a few more pieces that we've discovered since, including some pleasingly affordable pieces from Estrella Luna and Free People.

Our styling tip to take these into fall? Simply layer them with your own everyday jewellery, and, if statement jewellery isn't your thing, then opt for the simpler pieces that will fit more sea-mlessly into your wardrobe.


Necklace, $179 (roughly £140) Brinker and Eliza

Earring, €35 (about £31), Gimaguas

Cowrie shell bracelet, €139 (about £124), Wald Berlin

Cowrie earrings, £27.95, Estrella Luna

Oyster shell earrings, £32, Free People

Necklace, €170 (abut £152), Louise Damas


Diamond and shell earring, £250, Pascale Monvoison

Carved shell earrings, $350 (about £275), Beck Jewels

Gold plated shell bracelet, $280 (about £220, Tohum Design

Cowrie shell earrings, £66 (on sale), Isabel Marant