Shini Park Edits the Season

Shini Park is the stuff of legends. There's no end to her talents: she's a writer, photographer, graphic designer and influencer with a knack for creative direction. That not enough for you? We're eagerly awaiting the next step in the Park & Cube empire, to which she has been teasingly alluding on instagram for some days now. In the meantime, if nothing (or everything, in this case) else, she's one of the best dressed women we know. Here's here five picks of the season.

It's Carrie Bradshaw-meets-Spanish design scene: you'll see these paired with everything from a cream linen dress to blue jeans this coming summer.

Mules, £450, Loewe

What it feels like to have a 90's supermodel in each ear, I'd like to think! These babies go with just about anything: high ponytail and a red lip or with sun-kissed holiday hair and some freckles.

Earrings, £420, Celine

My Pinterest account looks like I'm about to hunt down the world's woven-wicker EVERYTHING and cover every surface with it (including my husband). Wicker baskets, chairs... now bags - this Scandi beauty is my mobile wicker-obsession solution. Take that, plastic fantastic trend!

Bag, $510, Palmgrens at the Line

I perhaps may be digging into the 90's too often for fashion inspiration, but this for me is Julia Roberts, My Best Friend's Wedding for me. Goes handsomely with a checked blazer and of course, no bra.

Sunglasses, $175, Roberi and Fraud


Last but not least, and not current-season, but I'm anticipating chain belts to make a massive comeback. These babies are Chanel from the 90's (again!) and would sit beautifully on the waist of current season Balenciaga blazers or low-flung on waist, Saint Laurent style. Point is to announce your arrival with hardware noise.

Belt, £307, Chanel at Vestiaire collective