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Six Senses Samui: Sixty Six Reasons to Go...

Purse, Jacquemus

Sandals, Tibi | View of infinity pool at Six Senses Samui

I can’t explain why, but when I travel (for pleasure, not work) I tend to pack to match my destination. Perhaps it was the promise of the bluest sea and the lushest nature, or perhaps it was thanks to the incredible aerial views that I spotted on the hotel's instagram account pre trip, but I somehow found myself blending effortlessly into the understated beauty of Six Senses Koh Samui.


This was my third time in Thailand, but my first trip to Koh Samui and, more importantly, my first stay at a Six Senses resort. I’ve long fantasised about the quiet, calm beauty of Six Senses resorts and finally, my dream was coming true. My colour-coordinated wardrobe was packed and my excitement was palpable… that is, until we landed in a downpour that threatened to ruin the trip. (If this were an instagram caption, it would read as follows: ‘that feeling when you fly halfway across the world for a beach holiday and are welcomed by a week of thunderstorms and 15 degrees.)


A genuinely warm and excitable welcome by the staff was the cheering pick-me-up we needed (the sky was, in fact, threatening to chuck it down until the day we left) and, as we arrived, further spirit-lifting came in the form of our pool villa: secluded, spacious and other-worldly beautiful. Suddenly, the weather didn't matter so much, stood by my sunken bath tub looking out onto the private pool that I would happily swim in come rain or shine. And we did just that as soon as we'd unpacked my uncannily fitting wardrobe, followed by a trip to the spa with ultimate scenery - it looks out onto the beguilingly beautiful Gulf of Thailand - and dinner a la Six Senses (AKA a veggie’s paradise.) A bowl of sweet potato gnocchi teamed with homemade fragrant basil pesto and one coconut cream dessert later and I was looking forward to the next few days here.


Swimsuit, Marysia | Bag, Prada

It goes without saying that the resort’s full impact is hard to do justice in words or pictures without actually experiencing it - it's less just a beautiful hotel and more a way of life and a sumbersion into something altogether more powerful. That feeling of living and staying among the rich tropical beauty of Samui does something that I can't quite describe, but suffice to say that Six Senses Samui’s uniquely privileged position on the island is unbeatable. It takes just a walk from one side of the resort to the other, through the nature-steeped pathways that make you feel like you feel more like you’re at a sanctuary than at a resort; to see numerous breathtaking views that’ll stay with you forever.

From the food to the stellar service and everything in between, the truly special nature of this resort comes from the smallest details. Nothing is too much to ask, whether that's a cup of the tea that I discovered in the gym picked up and delivered to your villa, or an umbrella-equipped escort to the beach to enjoy a juice and the sound of the waves. Nothing is ostentatious here - this is understated, pure luxury, immersed and inherently respectful to the nature by which it is surrounded.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend some of my time here willing the sun to come out - even if only to shoot a couple of the outfits I’d so carefully curated to blend into the scenery - but it didn’t dampen our fun. I’d always imagined I’d leave a Six Senses resort feeling rejuvenated, revived and generally refreshed, and I did just that. Why? Because my days looked something like the below:

8am: wake up and head to the gym, if only to reward yourself with a sip of the incredible juices left ready in the leisure centre fridge each morning. (Side note: bael tea is the best I’ve ever tried.)

9am: a breakfast feast including fresh local fruits, a bevvy of Thai dishes, green (and normal coloured) juices and pastries to name an eighth of the buffet.

10am: back to our pool villa for a morning’s reading by our private pool in my new Hunza G suit

12pm: Thrown on my Zimmermann trousers and take a walk down to the beach followed by lunch (which, for me, was often an opportunity to feed my addiction to Pad Thai.)

2pm: A walk along the beach followed by coconut painting (one of the many nature-inspired activities that the resort puts on for guests - some are more grown up but I chose the kiddy version)

4pm: A swim in the incredible infinity pool followed by a fresh juice 

5pm: A lemongrass tea at the open air bar

6pm: Back to the pool villa for a bath in the sunken stone tub (I must take a moment to appreciate the bathroom here - one of my favourites of all time.)

7pm: Change into something a little more covered - I’ll outwise you one day, damn mosquitoes - for dinner by candlelight overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Probably another Pad Thai and Thai green curry moment for me - when in Thailand (and the Pad Thai is this good…)

8pm: Optional trip out to Fisherman’s Village should the willpower to leave the resort manifest itself. More often than not, it didn’t.

And so the few days went as such, the rain on and off, the sun in and out. But far from being ready to leave, it was time to pack up and head home, memories in tow and breathtaking views forever stamped on my memory.

Trousers, Raquette | Shirt, Zimmermann | Ring (index) Soko | Ring (fourth) Bulgari | Bracelet Brinker and Eliza | Bracelet (bottom) Paola Villas

Swimsuit, Norma Kamali | Headband, Lele Sadoughi | Sunglasses, Alessandra Rich


Swimsuit, Hunza G | Trousers, Zimmermann | Bracelet, Paola Villas

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