Slope Style Sorted: Your Ski Shopping List

Do you wish you could look a little cooler on the slopes every time ski season comes around and you're still donning the JD Sports sallopettes your Mum bought you for your high school ski trip when you were thirteen? (True story from one of team &FINALLY, FYI, until fashion took care of that aged 23.) Don't get us wrong - we certainly don't suggest changing it up every year. After all, ski wear should be an investment - made to wear into true adulthood.

Accordingly, we've put together a shopping list for the three most timeless ski 'tribes': that 70's show, the glamour crew and the super serious (but eco friendly) skiers.

That 70s Show

Inspired by, well, the 70s. The sleek, colourful skier who swaps googles for huge sunnies apres ski.


Roll neck jumper, £110 (on sale from £180), Jigsaw

Sunglasses, £260, Gucci

Gold plated ring, £60, By Pariah

Moon boots, £105, ASOS

All in one, £485, Sweaty Betty

Cashmere gloves and hat set, £175, Portolano

The Glamazon

Only true glamour pusses need apply. Monochrome and neutrals work best to keep the balance and an oversized faux fur hat says 'do you know who I am?'

All in One, £590, Perfect Moment

Sunglasses, £147 (on sale), Rag & Bone

Boots, £325, Montelliana 

Faux fur cuff jumper, £225, Izaak Azanei

Mother of Pearl earrings, £111, Brinker and Eliza

Faux fur hat, £420, Emma Brewin

The Serious(ly conscious) Skier

AKA no-nonsense, here for the ski and the ski only (but in really chic and secretly trendy gear.) Not only slope savvy, but eco savvy too - these Erin Snow pieces are made from recycled fibres and sustainably created to last.

Ski mittens, £88, Capranea

Heat tech bra, £12.90, Uniqlo x Alexander Wang

Ski socks, £35, Falke

Ski goggles, £215, Zeal Optics

Eco friendly ski jacket, £1245, Erin Snow

Eco friendly ski trousers, £725, Erin Snow