On Set with Accessorize: A day in the life of a stylist on set

Our love of accessories goes further than scouring for the latest brands to shoot and sometimes involves styling campaigns and shoots for brands. On a recent shoot with Accessorize we were given the chance to give you a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, from our perspective as the stylists! Here is our 'day in the life'...

9am: Arrive on set to coffee and croissants and a whole lot of unpacking and planning looks. Each look is hung up with the accessories we plan to shoot it with.

While there's a whole lot of greatness coming soon to your nearest Accessorize, some of our favourite pieces were the hair accessories -which they've produced in all sorts of colours and shapes - but these simple clips will become part of your daily uniform for sure.

10am: We meet with the art director Ed and photographer David to plan out the day. Ed's planned out the shots according to his mood board, and the looks we prepped before the shoot. Time is always of the essence when there's a lot of looks to get through and Accessorize offering is huge with a number of different collections to shoot.

Photograph by David Titlow

The plan is to shoot on various different backgrounds to give a variation to the collections so after talking it through we decided on what to start with.

Photograph by David Titlow

11am: Hair and make up is complete and after some touch ups and a lighting test we are ready to dress our lovely model Hanna in our first look. Then comes the quick succession of dressing Hanna into look after look and styling the amazing pieces from Accessorize.

1.30pm: Its time to break for lunch. We've shot 7 looks so far and have another 11 to go - no mean feat. Between looks (noun: outfits) we also have to change the colorama (noun: background), shoot some still life (AKA pictures not on a model) and get Hannah changed, amending the looks as we go - the outfits you plan don't always look how you intended once they're actually on the model. The morning is always a slower start - you have to get the lighting, hair and make up and the general vibe right before you can get into the full swing of the shoot, so we always expect for there to be a larger number of shots to get after lunch. But Hanna is a really good sport and giving us everything she's got.

6pm: After a whistle stop lunch and an afternoon of more looks its time to wrap! A busy day but always such a good feeling to look back at what you've shot!

Photograph by David Titlow

Thanks to the amazing team at Accessorize and all the crew for letting us show you behind the scenes of a shoot. 

Article produced in collaboration with Accessorize