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Sunglasses to suit my face shape

I have a heart-shaped face, a fact that I remember loving being told as a pink-tastic 11 year old. As i grew older and increasingly aware of what suited me (and perhaps more importantly what didn't) I quickly realised it can be a difficult face to dress. Imagine (or see pictures of me for reference) something between a square and a heart shaped face, throw in a very rounded nose and you'll quickly realise that anything circular or too small can be disastrous. That said, a bug eye takes over my face, which although wide is not actually that long. So the cat-eye became my best friend. Wide enough to balance my face, emphasising my cheek bones and mirroring the line of my jaw.

The problem? One style isn't enough to keep me entertained. A recent boredom with the cat eye has led me to retro oval sunglasses, whose vintage vibe i love and the slighter bigger size seems to work ok for me.

Also for my fellow heart or square shaped mugs out there: a shout out to aviators. Their dipped shape seems to create the illusion of length in the face. Plus if you have less of a rounded nose try oval or round sunglasses too: you could be onto a winner.

So i give you my round up of styles I try and styles I avoid....


Cat eye sunglasses, Givenchy

Squared cat eye sunglasses, ASOS

Aviator Sunglasses, Alexander McQueen

Rectangular Sunglasses, Quay

Retro oval sunglasses, Ace &Tate

Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses, Jimmy Fairly

AVOID  (as cool as they are - basically anything that looks like this...)