10 Buys to make Your Holiday Instaworthy

Photo by Moeez Ali

Let's start with a disclaimer: by no means are we suggesting that you buy things simply because they might up your game on insta. Think of it more as a way of identifying truly worthy investment pieces (side note: buying for instagram as a standalone purpose is probably not the best way to see out your hard earned cash.) We do, however, have a new age price per wear theory: if you’d wear and post it on your instagram more than a few times, it’s probably a keeper (did we mention it’s a much looser theory than the PPW?!) Moreover, if you can see a statement piece working hard to elevate numerous outfits and existing wardrobe favourites, then it’s a good investment.

If the above theory boggles your brain - which is probably preoccupied with many more important wordly issues - then that's ok, too, as we've done the hard work for you. Scroll down for our ten accessories to invest in that - side note - will surely shoot your vacation snaps to small scale insta fame.

We brought you our hatometer last month to help you navigate this one: instagram’s most posted accessory of 2018 (not really, but may as well be true.) Jacquemus’ La Bomba hat was the first (obviously) but Missoni, Eugenia Kim and co also have great options. For more affordable options, though, look to Etsy - there’s a wealth of great options that’ll last you for summers to come. 


Ever heard the phrase business in the front, party in the back? These are business in the front, art installation in the back, and they transform your summer wardrobe like no other.


You’ve probably already seen this all over instagram already and wondered whether you might ever pluck up the courage to try it. Our advice? Go all in with the colour but try a thin lick (as though doing a barely there cat eye) and work your way up.
Bright eyeliners, DIOR BEAUTY

For once, your Dad was right: sunglasses chains really are cool and functional at the same time, and we’re so glad they’re back. Update your favourite sunnies with a chunky gold or pearl chain and watch those selfies take on a new lease of life.

Sunglasses chain, FRAME CHAIN

We’re avid endorsers of the transformative power of a belt, so let us stress it again: belts are the most necessary accessory of the summer (if you’re forcing us to narrow it down to one, that is.) If you’re not sure, start small, but if you’re looking for a statement piece, go for a chain belt or interesting buckle and wider strap.


God bless the supermodels who can carry off tiny teeny specs, but we are not them. We’re championing the rectangle shape as the retro for the rest of us (read: humans.) Goodbye, razor thin glasses that seemingly only look good on Kendall and co. The shape and thick frame have a hint of the sixties without being too retro, and they’re directional enough without being impossible to wear. 

Sunglasses, JIMMY FAIRLY

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the alternative beach bags to invest in and we’re still thinking about this Rejina Pyo bag, especially now that it’s on sale. It’s the chicest interpretation of a wicker basket bag and looks impactful with everything from linen trousers to frilly dresses.

Bag, on sale, REJINA PYO

We’ve bounced back and forth between matching and mismatched earrings more times than a child on a bouncy castle, but truthfully, our love for mismatched never wained. New York designer Beck Jewels’ Totem series combines organically-shaped baroque pearls, carved mother of pearl and a mismatched pairing.

If chunky earrings aren’t your thing (Is this You: Heavy things hanging my ears? No, thank you?) then this could be. Rattan and perspex bangles are popping up from designers like Cult Gaia, but don’t forget to check sites like Etsy for a more affordable version.

Rattan bangle, CULT GAIA

Dear 90s, thank you for giving us super strappy shoes that were cool back then and chic right now. We’ll look after them and wear them with everything from leopard print skirts to jeans. Sincerely, every fashion girl with her weight in sandals.
Elasticated sandals, BY FAR