Which sun hat should you buy?

Image by Moeez Ali

Hats can be scary, we understand. They can also be annoying to pack, hard to store and easy to squash. But listen here - in one quick purchase a hat can transform your holiday look: taking you from ‘girl on the beach’ to, ‘the chicest girl on the beach’ (while protecting you from the sun AND making you feel good all at the same time)
But where to start? A good idea is to begin with what hat shape suits you and what you want your hat to say about you. The former might involve a trip to the shops to try on a dozen shapes but who has the time? So we present the ‘Hat-o-meter’ a barometer of suits-everyone hat shapes from subtle and easy-to-wear to look-changing (if not life changing?!) wild and wonderful styles. Start at the beginning and ease yourself in or dive right into sun-hat excess.


Image by Moeez Ali

For first time hatters, choose something simple that will work with every style and ease yourself in. A hat like this one by Janessa Leone can be styled with floaty boho dresses, chic minimal kaftans or simply denim shorts and a t-shirt.

From left to right top: White hat, Sensi Studio, Raffia hat, Zara, Simple white hat, H&M.
Left to right bottom: Hat, Janessa Leone, Hat, Lola Hats


If you are looking for a hat that gives your holiday look a bit of extra then the wide brimmed hat is for you. The epitome of elegance, choose one with ribbons to tie under the neck (like this one by Filu hats) for added timeless glamour.

From left to right top: Eugenia Kim, Little Doe, Filu
From left to right bottom: M&S, Maison Michel

Image by Moeez Ali

You’re a hat-lover who, when on holiday, expresses themselves mainly through their head adornment. So go all out. Zara’s flat raffia hat balances elegantly on the back of your head or go to the extreme and try Johanna Ortiz’s all singing and all hat-ting wonder. Team with a simple neutral bikini and shades and your head will do all the work.

From left to right top: Clyde, Zara. Clyde
From left to right bottom: Missoni, Johanna Ortiz

Image by Renee Kemps