Hair combs clips and claws: all you need to know about the latest accessories trend

While there are many 90s trends I can’t quite bring myself to re-visit (read: fluorescent tattoo chokers or Buffalo trainers) the hair barrette has a certain French elegance and a retro charm, perhaps in the same realm as a 90s mule that I really can get on board with.

Season after season the catwalks seem to be peppered with embellished hair adornments that often seem a little too other worldly to genuinely be considered day to day, but this season the kind of hair accessories I would actually contemplate, no, desire, seemed everywhere.

I’m talking snap clips, hair claws, comb headband and barrettes. It’s the ‘mom’ accessory that we all own, purchased in a hurry from Boots, and use to scrape back our hair whilst lounging at home. But now these humble accessories have been elevated into the spotlight and I say ‘YEY! I love it when a unassuming accessory gets a moment!’

Whether worn Margot Tenanbaum style, unnecessarily sliding your hair back to one side or nonchalantly clawing your unbrushed locks with a resin hair claw, hair clips, both simple and embellishes, are fast becoming a go-to accessory.

Image via Pinterest

Fresh-from-school-circa-2000 hair accessories

The plastic claws from Alexander Wang (to be found for a mere £2.50 at your local Boots) were rivalled only by the comb headbands at Prabal Gurang. The later may be for some may be a step to far, but indisputably hit home the ‘do your hair like you did at school when you were 15’ message.

Image via Pinterest

Rhinestones are a go

For spring summer 18, Ashley Williams sent girls down the runway with their hair adorned with diamante slides that read ‘GIRLS’ and ‘HELLO’. This season Zadig and Voltaire got involved with the crystals and even Max Mara got on board with giant sparkling M slides securing half ponytails.

Images by Roku Roppongi

The barrette is back
The hair at the Faustino Steinmetz show, by hair stylist Roku Roppongi , was undeniably the fuel to my fast- growing hair accessories obsession. Steinmetz’s ability to reference the past, particularly the early noughties, while creating collections that seem incredibly relevant and contemporary was echoed in this mad but completely chic hair that Roppongi envisioned. And trust me you want every single slide down to the last barrette he artfully into folds of hair.

Image from Seoul Imports instagram

Danes do it best
Of course the Scandinavian ability to make something, often seemingly exiled to forever-tackiness, cool again is unparalleled. After spotting a host of Danish bloggers sporting pink diamante hair accessories, I was drawn to brands such a Seoul Imports and Kanel and the hair accessories they offer that I can only describe as hair candy, echoing vintage barrettes and slides from the 50s or the hand made French accessories from brands such as Alexandra de Paris.

The best thing about this trend is its not confined to a particular style. If you’re look is super minimal and classic, a simple tortoiseshell barrette or claw teamed with a white shirt or dark denim jacket will be just your ticket. Whilst if you like to be more playful with fashion you can quickly get involved in the pink marbleised rhinestone encrusted ones of my dreams, playing with off colours and ultimately having a lot of hair related fun. So go, get clippy.