Style and Planet Friendly: The Brands to Know

First thing’s first, let’s get the purpose of this article straight: no, I’m not eco-warrior, plant-only eating, solar panel-installing preacher (though being some of those things is an ambition of mine - one step at a time.) A few weeks ago, I called Odeon cinemas up on not recycling anything in an environment in which paper (popcorn boxes, Coca-Cola cups) and plastic (water, soft drinks) account for the vast majority of their waste. Plain lazy, if you ask me. But the consequence of my instagram stories outage was a number of responses from angry followers who called me ‘hypocritical’: for not eliminating plastic entirely from my life; for not being environmentally conscious in every aspect of my life; I’m sure the list goes on.

Truth is, I have made many changes in my life from what I’ve learned so far: I don’t eat meat or fish, and, yes, I recycle religiously and no longer buy jewellery or accessories made from non-recylable plastics that will stay around for longer than this planet cares to exist, but I have never claimed to be a figure of planet-friendly perfection. (Rather, I like to think of myself as eco-aware.) In any case, it’s not about being perfect; it’s about doing what we can with the information we have, and contributing to helping our planet thrive in ways that we can control.

All this got me thinking about vegan and eco-friendly brands, and whether or not they could fit into our lives - and wardrobes - as any other brand would. An easy switch to a small environmentally conscious change, if you will. The answer? A resounding YES. You don’t need to be a tree-hugging, pea-protein eating to be into these brands - heck, you wouldn’t even know they were anything other than just great accessories if I hadn’t have brought it up (note to self: might be easier next time.) So, here’s to a great new investment piece that’s one step closer to buying consciously and well.

Matt and Nat
For 11 years, this Canadian label has been making their linings from 100% recycled plastic, whilst cardboard, rubber and cork are also on the menu. Sexy-sounding that ain’t, so why don’t we just let the bags do the talking.

Shop Matt and Nat here

Stella McCartney
One of the first luxury label’s to champion vegan products, Stella McCartney’s bags have become eco-friendly icons in their own right.

Shop Stella McCartney bags here

From dresses to bags to shoes, Budapest-based Nanushka makes veganism fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. One of contemporary fashion’s hottest names, we can’t wait to see what they do next.

Shop Nanushka here

Melie Bianco
Vegan, animal-cruelty free, gender equal opportunities, fair trade... Not only is the label of-the-moment (see below yellow triangle bag) but they’ll make you feel as good as they look.

Shop Melie Bianco here

Thanks to the likes of Celine and co., laundry and grocery shopping have become some of fashion’s hottest accessories. Enter Alienina, and cool bags become coolly planet-saving bags, made from sailing cords, car parts and cotton wicks (all waste reused to make these chunky knit bags.)

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